July 2012 Ronin Newsletter


Welcome to the second edition of the Ronin newsletter where we’ll have a quick look at last months best bits, this months highlights, and give you some free stuff while we’re at it.

The End Festival

On the 7th of July we will be playing The End festival in Callow End.
its going to be a great festival with something for everyone, its got 3 stages, 15+ bands and loads of activities, food and most importantly a jolly good bar, not one to miss and at the measly sum of 2 earth pounds, it would just be rude not to go!We hope to see loads of you there for our first gig after Loz & Dave come back, come show your support, who knows, they might be nervous.

Last Month

The highlight of last month for us was Indiependance VS Rock City at Velvet lounge, we love the sweaty hot atmosphere of busy basement gigs, and it
was nice to see so many friendly faces.Also on the bill were (among others) Fustercluck (the artists previously known as New Chapter) and our friends thegreat new line-up of Nomad 67 (who impossibly get better every time we see them.) We had a wicked night, thanks for coming out Worcester!

Another highlight of the month was the great dressing room at the Roadhouse Birmingham, equipped with lazy boy recliners and facilities galore, it certainly made my night.
If you haven’t been to the roadhouse, go, it’s a wicked venue with a great PA & stage, and really friendly staff, Its had a bit of a stigma attached to it left over from the previous management but honestly it a really cool place… and sometimes it’s nice not to have to get changed in a toilet!

‘I was told there was free stuff!’ I hear you cry

Kit has been down there helping to set up the studio and engineering for the last few weeks so one day we decided to have a play in there ourselves. The studio is run by Vince of Marrs Bar jam-night fame, it’s a great set up, a little compact but really reasonable.Loz and Kit went down to the atmospheric basement studio last thursday and 2L of Juice, 8 giant cookies and 2 polish sandwiches later, here is the result. We’ve been asked for a recorded version for a while and although its not the full band arrangement we hope it sates you for now.

A special mention to Dan Grainger who has asked for it many times, and who’s birthday it was this month, Happy Birthday Dan.

This Time Last Year

This time last year we were tuning guitars and pitching tents for Bridgebash, probably my favourite gig of all last year, which sadly isn’t happening this year, we had loads of fun: best bits included gladiator competitions, watching giant letters walk down a hill and this guys ass ( playing was pretty good too.)

If this ass belongs to you, get in contact with us for a free shirt!

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