August Newsletter

Issue 3

Colwall Family Festival

Colwall Family Festival was a blast. It was our first time visiting this festival  which is based just the otherside of Malvern and we were made very welcome by Neil and his team. The festival was really well organized with two stages running so that the music roles consecutively. This is a festival not to be missed.

New Studio in an Old Town

This month we’re all been down to the Guitar Cavern Recording Studio to record a demo of Hard Lines, being the lovely chaps we strive to be, we’ve provided you with a free download link below:
Free Link

We’re aiming to give you a free tune at demo quality with every newsletter for a while, so let us know on the Facebook page which of the songs we do that you’d like next.

*Plug’d in showcase – 02 Academy 2 Birmingham*

After playing the JAR music showcase at the Cavern in Liverpool a few months ago, we have been invited to do a bigger better one at the 02 Academy 2 (Not the 3!) in Birmingham, we’re well, well excited, its on the 24th of August and we’d love it if you could be there. Tickets are £8, and because we’re so excited about it we’re giving away a Limited Edition – Hand Numbered – ‘Trespasser’ Pre-release Disc with every ticket (we’ll put up pictures when we get them back from the printers) – featuring the next single ‘Trespasser” ages before its official release and the as yet unreleased Album version of ‘Living In The Dark’>

I’m sure we’ll cook up a few more surprises before the date too, so come, its going to be awesome.Get your tickets Here!

Choice Radio

On Wednesday the 8th of August we’ve been invited for a chat on Choice radio. Dave and Jake say some hilarious things in normal life, I’m personally looking forward to hearing what they say under duress. I suppose we’ll be playing a few acoustic tunes too. Tea, Tunes and Hospital Radio – Rock and Roll!


Its been holiday month for Ronin, and we’ve all got closer to the sun in our own way. Here’s a few of our holiday snaps:

Jake in Greece

Dave in France

Loz in Tunisia

Kit as close to the sun as he can afford.

More next month…

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