September Newsletter

Issue 4

The Best Weekend Ever


Friday night

As you know, we played a JAR music showcase at the Birmingham O2 academy 2, loads of you turned up to fly the flag, and it was awesome, so much space! I didn’t kick over any mic’s or trip over any cables, and our dressing room backed out onto the O2 1, so we spent a good time sitting in the stalls, dreaming of things to come, things that seriously – if you guys keep up the amazing job you’re doing – we’ll be able to experience together.


Saturday night

So the next day we were booked to play an outdoors acoustic gig for the Worcester music festival, unfortunately it was rained off, but after returning to Ronin HQ we managed to bag a slot at the BBC Paralympic Flame event in Hereford for that evening. We played half way through the event just after the Olympic Lantern arrived, and what an honour to be a part of something so huge, also, there was a massive LED screen projection of our set – we’ve never been in LED’s before, so that’s another item ticked off the bucket list


Sunday night at the Horn and Trumpet

Worcester Music Festival: after the last two nights it was wicked to play an intimate sweaty gig with our friends. Closing the night after Host – who if you haven’t seen: do – we played a lot of Hybris among some new ones, Serenity, Dido – upon request, and everyone there was awesome in helping to do Purple Rain. We had a brilliant night, thank you to Nat for bringing cake and cheers to everyone who came.


If you don’t have a Dance, you’re a nobody

Unfortunately we had so much on this month with all the gigs and planning for the music video stuff that we haven’t been able to finish a demo off for you, but we’ll have one for you next month, in the mean time here’s the news on the new dance craze sweeping through the midlands

Check out this video from the WMF Horn & Trumpet on Sunday, the young and talented Hollie-Brooke has invented some awesome dance moves to ‘Living In The Dark’

Here’s her home made instructional video
Click for Video


Malvern Rocks

Earlier this month we played the Great Malvern Hotel for Malvern Rocks music festival. The first of its kind and hats of to its organisers – spiffing job. It was wicked to have crammed so many sweaty bodies into a cozy underground room, the best part for us was the front row doing the Living in the Dark dance, It made me personally very happy, you guys rock!



On the 8th we met up with the two Daves at choice radio for a chat and to play a few acoustic tunes, you can hear the whole show just click on Live! This year and follow the link to download the show, or head over to their Youtube channel to check out videos of the tunes. We had a laugh, Dave expressed his opinions on Bromyard, we talk about musical hero’s, things and stuff.


Then Jerico

Thanks to the support you gave us at the JAR music showcase at the O2 we’ve bagged ourselves a support slot on the Then Jerico tour

Tour Promo Video

Tuesday 25th of September at the O2 academy 2 drop us a message for more details or tickets


Glastonbudget Audition

On the 11th of September we need your help to make an awesome night, We’re playing at the Roadhouse Birmingham, its £5 a ticket and its our audition to play at Glastonbudget so we have to make it big, and make it special. We need you to come along, make a lot of noise and dance, and in exchange we’ll do our damnest to make it the best gig you go to all day! and if you like we’ll chuck in a new song. Hows that?



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