October Newsletter

Issue 5

What We Did In September

Hop Fest & Mount Pleasant

It was our great honour to once again play at the Bromyard International Hop Pocket Race with the very talented miss Tammy Down who performed wonderfully and warmed the walls of bromyard for us most amicably, sadly having to rush away from that we played at the Mount Pleasant in Malvern for Help for Heroes. Those there gave us a royal welcome and we had an awesome time, we were asked for 2 encores and debuted Serenity to rapturous and resounding harmonies from our wonderful crowd

Then Jerico

Thanks to your support at the o2 Jar music showcase we were given a support slot for a big touring band; ‘Then Jerico’ and what a gig we had. We turned up and were offered roadies, waters in the dressing room, and shiny golden access all area passes, we had a lengthy sound-check and I do not overestimate or hype when I say we had the best gig of our lives thus far, we were described as ‘Brilliant’ by Mark Shaw and ‘The best band all tour’ by a member of their road team. We sold out of CD’s and had the most fun, and it’s all thanks to you, with your continued support who knows where we could be in the future, stay with us, and we promise we’ll always listen to what you have to say – That said, come chat to us on our Facebook wall or send us a message.


Where You Can Find Our Music

There are many places you can get our stuff from, the wisest of course being this very mailing list, but as you are sharp enough to already be signed up for that you might want to know where else our stuff is available.

Rise Records: If thumbing through the latest unsigned artists CD’s is your thing then head over to rise records in Crowngate Worcester and find a copy of Hybris mingled amongst Worcester’s unsigned finest

iTunes: Hybris is of course available to purchase from iTunes where you can also leave a review of what you think of it. Buy Hybris Here
Free: If you haven’t already got a hold of it then shame on you! Living In The Dark is available as a totally free download, you can find the link on our Facebook or go direct to soundcloud Here, and if you would be so kind to like and share the page whilist you’re there that would be great.
FixMyAmp: We are proud to be endorsed by FixMyAmp, and when you drop your malfunctioning gear in, you can pick up a copy of Hybris.
Website: Our Cd’s and T-shirts are available from the Ronin shop on our website You can find the shop Here! And all the profit from here goes directly to us, which helps us
get to gigs and record new stuff. If you want to hear some new recordings, this is the place to shop.

Glastonbudget Audition

Another great gig we had this month was the Glastonbudget audition at the Roadhouse in Stirchley, You came and showed your beautiful colours and we’ll find out in December whether or not we made the grade. Hopefully we will be through to the festival and will be playing sometime in may next year.
by Eliis Wilde and we made friends with Diamond Lil who we will be gigging with next month….Talking of

Coming Up

The Railway 
We have very fond memories of the The Railway as one of our first gigs was the Battle of the Bands there, what great carpet they have! So we’re very excited to be playing one of our favorite venues on the 26th of October and you ought to be there.

On the 24th of November we will be playing our first headline gig at the o2 academy 3 in Birmingham, Its pretty nerve wracking as we’re being relied on to sell the tickets so if you enjoy seeing us on a bigger stage, buy a ticket, come along and help us up the ladder, when we have tickets we will announce it on Facebook, and if you want to hear a specific song, let us know and we will do everything we can to please everyone. Once again, thank you so much for your support, together we can do so much!
Casting – Ronin Music Video
Interested in being in the first real Ronin music video? We’ve come up with a very ambitious project which god-willing is going to look super-pro, we’ll be putting up descriptions of characters on a casting page of the Ronin site very soon so keep a look out!


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