December Newsletter

Issue 7

We Would like to start off by saying thankyou to everyone for such an eventful and awesome year! We have had a great time and played some really awesome shows! We couldn’t do any of this without you! Big Cheers from Ronin.

Best Of Last Month

We had some excitement at vagabonds in Brierley hill early last month, a bunch of great bands including local boys (and girl) Breaking Steel. The facilities, also were exemplary.
Our monthly London trip was to the Boston Music rooms, a really great venue with a nice martin PA and plenty of room, support came in the shape of the brilliant ‘Resin’ and the southern rocking ‘From the Ashes’ (more on them later)On the 24th we had our very first headline slot at the O2 academy Birmingham, It was an awesome gig with some brilliant bands including old friends ‘Abberline’ and ‘Khaos Theory’  and new friends ‘My Heroine.’ To our new friends we met there, and again to those of you who came; thankyou, you made the night. We discovered a burger bar that does half pound cheese burgers with donner meat, greedily we enjoyed and awaited our courtesy pulmonary embolisms We had a great night, we hope you did too.

Coming up!

If you’ve been very johnny on the spot with this email then you can catch up TONIGHT, the 1st, at Olivers wine bar in Malvern, so if you’re around, come join in the fun.On the 14th we are hosting what I’ve taken to calling; ‘The Ronin Christmas party featuring the impossibly talented George Barnett, local legends NOMAD 67 and the soulful on-the-up star Tammy Down; in aid of local charity New Hope’ in the catchiest manner. That event is being hosted at the Marr’s bar and half the Pre-sale ticket money will be going to New Hope, so if you want to come AND do some good make sure you by your tickets in advance, message or call any of us and we’ll gladly furnish you with tickets for the measly sum of £5. It really is going to be a spectacular evening and the money is going to a very deserving cause. Help, Come.
Event Page Here!On the 19th we are playing the Firebug in Leicester supporting friends ‘Resin’ (remember them?)  for the launch of their album ‘Embrace The Fall’ also on the bill are ‘Raptusound,’ ‘From the Ashes’ (eh? eh?)  and ‘Dedbeats’.  There will be a DJ inbetween and after the bands, it all promises to be an excellent night, so if you are in or around Leicester then, come say hi, Dave might even buy you a drink!
Event Page Here!

Next Year!

What does next year hold for us? Well, lots of touring hopefully, we have plans to record and release a New E.P. (buying our current merch will help facilitate that…hint hint) We have our elves working on designing some new T-shirts so some time next year, when we can afford to get them printed (*cough*buy-our-merch*cough*) you can sport some new swanky patterned Tee’s. We also have an interesting photoshoot coming up and a couple of videos all in the works…stay tuned.

Well that’s about it for now, We’re readying the Christmas tree, de-fluffing our Christmas jumpers and stuffing our birds… MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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