February Newsletter


Welcome to the first Ronin newsletter of 2013, before we get into the thick of it: we all just wanted to say thank you for you’re support this year, we’ve had some amazing times and come a long way, we’ve got some really exciting stuff to share with you this year and with your continued support who knows where we’ll be at the end of it. You have been amazing, so thank you.

What we’ve been up to

You may have seen the video of our cover of wicked game flying around:

In December we did a demo session at M.A.S. studio to decide what we are going to record for the new E.P. (more on that later), we demoed Hard Lines, Mimi Woolfe and Serenity, we also took cameras and decided that to thank you for you’re awesome support in the past, and to toast your future support, we would record our much requested cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game, and thus it came about, If you haven’t seen it, you can see it here: WIcked Game Live @ M.A.S Its also on the BEAT 100 music video charts and we’re doing well!, see here If you’ve got a moment to login and vote we’d really appreciate it, cheers.

Wicked Game LIVE Ronin M.A.S

We had an email from some media student girls who asked if they could use fly away for a music video project, we obliged, being the people pleasing blokes we are: we shot the performance segment in a school gym which was a lot of fun, and we’ve got all the footage so we’ll do something with that for you to see. The girls project has a story element which required use of my exceptionally limited acting skills, so that was a lot of fun, their edit will be coming soon to a tube near You…maybe.


On the 25th and 26th of January we hired a postman’s van, loaded in the gear, packed some fresh trollies and went on a micro tour, after visiting every guitar shop in Nottingham we played the salutation; which amongst being furnished with a very knowledgeable and generally a great bloke soundman named Zero (Hi Zero) has an exact replica of the ‘Titty Twister’ sign from dusk till dawn; awesome. After the gig we crossed the road to our 5 star luxury budget family room Travelodge, played poker, drank bourbon, it was a truly bonding experience, pillow fights, communal bathing; and we’re a better, closer band for it, after being kicked out of bed by the maid we headed to Leicester’s Shed via the greasiest greasy spoon we could find for a heal-y brekky. After being forcibly removed from every guitar shop in Leicester for slap bass educed hemorrhaging we loaded into the sub-zero shed, gig was great, people we’re great, we look forward to going back in December.

Mimi Woolfe

On the 15th of January we traveled to music capital of the world – Wormleighton to Monochrome studios to record Mimi Woolfe with Tom Gittins in his house of wizardry, we thought we may be able to get the whole song down in one day – how wrong we were, come 6 oclock we’d only got the drums and bass down, by home time we’d managed to get down some meaty guitars but it seemed Mimi Woolfe was just too massive to do in one day, We booked to go back that Friday but the snow got the better of us, as it stands we’ll be back to kill her off on the first of FEB (today?) so think of us yeah?

What we will get up to

In the next month we will be block booking the Cavern Studio to do some quality recordings of some tunes with the immensely talented Will Diment (responsible for the great sounding audio on Wicked Game), those along with some recordings we’ve done at Monochrome will be packaged into our second E.P., Exciting huh? If you’ve got an opinion on what tunes you think we should put on, drop us a message on our Facebook wall, we want to know what you think.

Music, Video?

So we had an amazing concept for the Trespasser music video, I mean intense, and with the help and budget of Peter Jackson, maybe we could have pulled it off; 50 or so TV’s and some chemical engineering later we’ve had a re-think, and we’ve come up with a much more achievable – and still pretty awesome – concept, some great locations and narrowed down what guitars we’re going to play to double figures. We’ll be shooting next month, we’re still looking for one actress so if you’re interested, again drop us a message on Facebook.

Where you can see us:

Check our Facebook page to keep up to date with what’s going onwww.Facebook.com/RoninMusicUk but the big ones coming up are: 22nd of Feb we’re playing Malvern’s newly opened Recon club, everytime we’ve played Malvern the turn out has been brilliant, we love the place and we love the people, and if Neil’s venue is half as good as I hear, it should be an amazing night. Come down!

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