March Newsletter

Welcome all to the late edition of the March Newsletter, We’ve been busy, lets jump right in.


New EP

We’re making one, one of the reasons your newsletter is later (I forgot to buy stamps) is that we’ve been locked in the basement working hard at the Guitar Cavern Recording Studio in Worcester

(As run by one Vince Ballard – You can find it here if you’re interested

recording our as yet untitled follow up to ‘Hybris’. Dave and Jake spent a good 3 days down there laying the beats and the grooves and the raw takes are sounding pretty sweet – thanks mostly to the ears, brain and the production genius of one largely considered to be the best looking man alive: William Diment, of Nomad 67 fame (Or infamy, you decide)

The New EP will be out in the summer, after we release new single Trespasser with its beautiful accompanying…


Music Video

As you may know (if you’ve been paying attention) for some months now we’ve been plotting a music video, we had a couple of original drafts, each one a purer more achievable interpretation of the last, well this month under the firm direction of old friend and antipodean hero Terry Walls we finalised our plans and shot it, we couldn’t be more excited about it and we can’t wait for you to see it, It looks awesome!
Massive thank you for everyone who gave up their time, skills and equipment to help us, including but not limited to: Terry Walls, Mark the Bolognaise Bandit, Fem, Amy, Sanders, Will and Chrbul the Liab.

We’ve had so much fun shooting it, waiting to put it out is going to kill us, but wait we must, don’t worry, we’ll have a ton of stuff for you in the summer.


Cherry Suede Tour

Well we’re delighted to announce that this month we have secured 3 slots supporting Cherry Suede (

on their upcoming UK acoustic tour, tickets are available from us in advance at £10 or £15 on the door, on the night. Or better yet!! Buy 3 get 1 free.

Get your tickets from and use discount code RONIN20 to book your cheap tickets


O2 Academy

We’re very excited for our headline show looming at the O2 Academy 2 in Birmingham – a JAR music showcase.

Last time we were there we had the great honor of opening for Then Jerico on their reunion tour in front of 400+ people, and we had an awesome time, The sound is amazing, and there’s almost enough stage room to tire out Kit.
Get your tickets from us in advance and we can offer you the startling deal of a ticket and a t-shirt for the measly sum of £10, there are so many great bands on the bill that night, including the always-awesome funk machine Mezzotonic, who we’ve had the pleasure of playing with in the past.

Come. Its going to be awesome.


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