May Newsletter 2013

How do all? I hope your April was wonderful and the world treated you well, I was hoping for just one days snow (because sometimes it snows in April) but alas it decided just to be reasonably miserable all month, Boo.


What we’re up to this month

Friday 10th

We’re at the Boars Head in Kidderminster, we’ll be playing two 45 minutes sets so if you want to hear a song you haven’t heard in ages, come to that and we’ll have plenty of time to fit it in.

Wednesday 15th

We’ll be playing at Nambucca in London, Its £7 to get in on the night or £5 in advance from Here, wish I could tell you more but it’s a secret so…Event Page

Saturday 18th 

Our return to the Slade Rooms. One of our favorite venues, supporting My Great Affliction – Also on the bill are Almost Easy, In Alchemy and Face of a Stranger, 7pm start and £5 on the door – message us for tickets.


Last month


Supporting the Blockheads was a personal dream, the Robin 2 in Bilston is an awesome venue with some amazing acts passing through, if you haven’t been and are able, I highly recommend it, there was plenty of stomping room and to meet The Blockheads after was awesome, can you tell from my child like grin that I was happier than a ferret in a bowl of packing foam?


Water rats

The Water rats is always a pleasure to play because it means we get to eat Chinese food! The night was great, the bands were all great – check out Escape The Ocean – and the crowd featured such special guests as Kits Nan, yeah, Kablamo

Spoons and Travel lodge tour

This month we embarked on a short stint from Worcester to Blackpool via Rohan. We played a Chicago’s club, which was hilarious, we had stage invasions and the ginger one even got a marriage proposal.

After a much too short sleep in a travel lodge we headed to Yankees Bar in Workington, which again was great fun. We played for an hour and a half straight, and then faced a really long drive to the next travel lodge, the night sky was clear and beautiful and I think the whole band learned a lot of science.

After some seriously sneaky secret agent business involving a Travel Lodge and another FAR too short sleep we headed to Blackpool, where after eating Wetherspoons Breakfast Lunch and Dinner for the last 2 days we went all out and cheated on our Spoony mistress with a Yates,  not even guilty. After a super romantic stroll on the beach (Read Kit running a mile down the beach with Dave on his back to throw him in the sea) and some intellectual entertainment and healthy refreshments (read playing in a laser maze and eating a pound of fudge) we headed to the Blue Rooms, a wicked little music venue where we were supported by an amazingly talented singer songwriter I highly recommend checking out – – the gig was great, people were great, Fish and Chips were unparalleled – and so cheap – and we motored home to the sweet tune of Jake and Daves choral snores while we ate Oreos and bargain Hobnobs, and they’ll never know, cause they don’t read the newsletter. Up yours! 🙂

A weekends work for Jake:

Beer Festival

We played the St Georges day beer festival at the Nags Head in Malvern, and it was totally wicked, being a 20’s/30’s themed event we were obviously the first band that came to mind for them, we had an ace time, the people and the barbecue were brilliant, so was the fact that I didn’t kill Loz’s expensive pedals by throwing a pint of water over them. A grand evening, It was a pleasure to meet you.
Its Jakes birthday on the 7th so be sure to post him some coal or something, if you whisper “go gingerly into the night sweet bird, across the flats to the south” into the ears of a carrier pigeon I’m sure it will reach him.
Fan Video Live From The Robin 2 (Click to view)


Well that’s about it for this month, have a jolly spiffing one and see you on the other side!

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