June Newsletter 2013

Hey how’s it going?

Did you know Ben Stiller had to have hypnotherapy for his addiction to M&M’s?

Me neither.


This month:

Tomorrow night – the 2nd – we’re playing Fever rock night in Redditch. We love sweaty club gigs so it should be awesome, brave the Monday morning sufferance and we’ll see you (at the bar afterwards) there.


On the 7th of June we’re playing Court Laughing festival at the Courtyard in Hereford supporting comedian Phil Jupitus! Who coincidentally occasionally sings for The Blockheads – who we supported last month.

Its going to be an awesome gig AAAND we get to watch Phil Jupitus for free. Kablammo.


On Saturday the 8th we’re back at Malvern’s fine Re-con club, Malvern is always a wicked gig, the people rock, we love playing for you, we’ll be bosting out our new cover for you too, so you’d better be there.


Last month:


It was great to see so many friendly faces at the Boars Head early last month, we had great fun playing some older stuff and Kit thoroughly enjoyed the load bearing beam running above the stage, We also received possibly the grandest, most sincere review ever, Check it out:


On the 15th we had our monthly London gig, this time we played the Nambucca Club, Wicked little venue, was good to see a taste of home in the form of some Vault of Eagles & Mansize stickers, and as you might have come to expect, with every great London gig, comes an even greater Chinese.


On the 18th we played the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton, Alongside My Great Affliction, In Alchemy and Face of a Stranger –Band of the night for me were Almost Easy, A local bunch of 14ish year olds, with serious moves who were pretty impressive on their instruments, well worth a check out should the opportunity arise. We were there just the day after old friends ‘Then Jerico,’ Nice of them to leave the dressing room tidy.



Its been a good month for us on’t radio, we had a feature on Jake Thompson’s show on KERRANG! Radio; they plugged our gig at the slade rooms, sold a bit of our backstory and played a snippet of Living In The Dark – obviously back at Ronin HQ we held complete composure.


We also had a mention on BBC Introducing – Andy O’Hare of BBC H&W came out to our gig in Kidderminster and gave us a pretty favorable review; mentioned the upcoming E.P. as well as new tune ‘In Colour’ which he seemed to enjoy, If you haven’t seen it already there’s an acoustic version Loz & I did in the Garden in that one day of sun we had, remember sun?

That’s pretty much what we’re up to at the moment, hopefully we’ll see you around, drop us a message on the Facebook page and let us know what you’re up to, You say you care, but you never call me anymore…

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