Limerence Artwork – Matt Williams

We’re delighted to show you the Artwork for our new EP Limerence created by local artist Matt Williams.

Ronin Limerence

We’ve always been passionate about working with up and coming local talent, with the artwork from ourĀ first release ‘Hybris’ being designed by bright star Sophi Wrightson.

Ronin Hybris EP Sophi Wrightson

To find our artist for Limerence we took a trip to the Art & Design department of Worcester University, We pitched to 30 degree level students from all sorts of disciplines about what we were looking for, and if they would be interested in submitting their own ideas. The Artwork needed to fit with our ethos, represent Limerence and fit in with the songs on the EP. Out of the many submissions we decided that Matt Williams had created our favoured piece. From then we spoke with Matt and refined the idea to create the Artwork that you see below

Ronin Limerence

Here is what Artist Matt Williams had to say about the process of creating the Limerence Artwork

“The most important part of my process with Ronin is the music, listening to the music whilst working and trying to capture the essence of it through illustration. When i first met Kit it was inspiring to see how passionate he is about his music, I wanted to capture an earthy rawness with my images, I strive to make my work as human as possible. Although my personal work is mostly narrative, I enjoy working with musicians, and would love to keep working with bands as an illustrator. I think it is essential that people keep doing what they love.”

Here is one of the first drafts that Matt developed into the cover.

Limerence Draft

Limrence EP will be out October 4th. Limerence will be available to download from most digital distributors including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many more. If you would like a physical copy of Limerence then you can grab yourself a copy at our Merch stall at any one of our live shows. We will be touring Limerence throughout October. For Tour dates please Click HERE

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