September Newsletter

Howdy all, How’s your month been? We’ve been trying to enjoy as many festivals as possible before the insidious embrace of fine English weather clasps us, have you caught any great bands?


We might have mentioned before – but we are very excited – we’ve got loads of awesome new stuff going on in October. We have a UK tour being kicked off with our EP launch party on the 4th at the Marrs Bar Worcester. We’re also going to have a selection of new merch, as we speak the talented Mr Williams – who has designed the EP cover, is working on some slick looking T-shirt’s. In the very near future there will be an article on the site about the Matt and the art, and the process we went through, so look out for that.
for now here are a couple of snaps of the EP.

We’ve finished work on the Music Video for our next single ‘Trespasser’ which we are really happy with, we cant wait to show you, we’ll have a viewing at the EP launch on the big screen, but until then here’s some stills to whet your appetite:

We have all but one date finalized for the tour, we’re currently looking around for touring Vans, & flight cases for all our gear; its equal parts pant-wettingly exciting and gut wrenchingly expensive, Loz has just bought a nice new Head too, a Marshall DSL JCM2000 for those of you who know and care, and for those of you who don’t: its quite nice.
Tour Dates

Free Download

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that we released ‘The Bearer’ the first single off Limerence this month, and if you haven’t: Back of the class, here’s your extra-curricular activities. Go download it from HERE

and watch the video here:

If you like it: please share it about, it makes such a massive difference, and we really appreciate it, and if you don’t: Limerence is pretty diverse, I’m sure there will be something to suit you.

Last Month

We got around to a lot of festivals last month, we had great fun at Malvern rocks – even though I was exceptionally unwell, Aces High in Nottingham, Glaston-bury bury, and of course the Exceptional Worcester Music Festival, Its always so great to play at home, and the atmosphere at WMF is just brilliant, everyone supports everyone and everywhere you go there is quality music and caring people, We love it, there’s nothing like it, Go.

We’re just going to be ticking over on the gig front but if you want to see us we’ll be around, We’ll mostly be doing behind the scenes stuff to make October the nest it can be for you. October is when it all kicks off, October is where its at, so keep in touch on the Facebooks and hopefully we’ll see you soon

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