December Newsletter

Welcome misanthropes and merrymakers alike to this special bumper Christmas-is-coming-and-we-didn’t-have-time-to-write-you-one-last-month-what-with-all-the-running-up-and-down-the-country-trying-to-actually-meet-you edition of the Ronin newsletter!

Trespasser Tour

This past month has been a pretty hectic one. We all decided it was about time we had a big beautiful van and so on the search we went,looking for the largest, gaudiest, most ‘hello-treacle-want-to-check-out-the-van?’ van we could find. Our hopes,wishes and dreams were answered when we found Clifford.
We spent a few weeks building in submarine style décor and making Clifford a lean,mean,gigging machine. Now equipped with ‘pimp my ride’ style beds,a kitchen,an en suite…I tell you what, we’ll make a Cribs video for the next newsletter.
See how the other half live.
Oh yeah,at the time of writing: Clifford has no clutch and a wonderful burn smell…

Before we spectacularly burnt out our clutch on the motorway we spent a whole month touring up and down the country playing some amazing gigs. To anyone who participated in any of them ‘thank you,we had such a wicked time and we hope you did too’.
Here’s a few of our favourites:

  • The Gryphon in Bristol – a wicked triangular pub! The gig was in the venue upstairs where they ram the drums in the most acute angle of the triangle making them sound so punchy and good. Everyone was up for it even though we’d pretty much never met anyone there before. Overall a really good night,thanks.

  • Liverpool was a great night too. Great venue,great people and the local club ‘Heebie Jeebies’ threw us an official after party which was amazing.The room was full of people covered in Ronin symbol stickers and the Long Island Iced Teas were £3 a go. We even danced to some of that Pop(?) music.
  • The last night of the tour (and first night of our three gig Halloween-athon) was in Birmingham at the Actress and Bishop, a great night with our home town friends Institutes. We dressed up with Nosferatu on Bass,Dr Emmett Brown on Guitar,Walter White singing (this may have been an excuse and a personal challenge for Kit to do a gig just in his kecks) and the Right Honourable (ghost of) Maggie Thatcher on Drums. Good fun.
  • Of course, the Worcester tour kickoff gig was amazing! Thank you to everyone who came,we’ll remember you in our wills. Awesome support came in the shape of Will Diment,Time of the Mouth and Ass Pasty – all must see’s – we debuted the music video for ‘Trespasser’ which we are seriously proud of. It looks amazing. We had some seriously talented people working on it and it was so much fun to do. It’s really great,we were blown away,if you haven’t checked it out please watch it here and if you have: you might have forgotten how brilliant it is, so watch it again.

New EP – Limerence

On the Trespasser Tour kick off night  also we released our second E.P. Limerence which has 7 tracks and has been selling well. You can find it on Spotify if you’d like a listen or iTunes if you’d like to buy it. If you want a real life copy you can get one from us at a gig or from the store on our website where it will be available soon:

We have some awesome new shirts too! If you want one of those, they will be in the store soon too. Lady sizes are available.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some great stories from the last few months but if I remember I’ll post on the Facebook page which you can interact with here:

What’s Coming Up? (I want the world to know)

1/12 – Marr’s Bar // Worcester // Disaster Relief Gig
06/12 – Old Salutation // Nottingham
11/12 – Crown Inn // Worcester // Silent War Film Premier (Acoustic)
12/12 – Slade Rooms // Wolverhampton // From the Jam (PM for tickets)
13/ 12 – Freebird // Newcastle under Lyme // Breaking Boundaries Tour
14/12 – Re-con // Malvern // Breaking Boundaries Tour
20/12 – Haygate // Telford // Breaking Boundaries Tour
21/12 – The Shed // Leicester // Christmas Party
18/01 – The Castle // Banbury

I don’t know if you noticed there but that one on the 12th at the Slade Rooms is when we are supporting ‘From the Jam’, as in Bruce Foxton, from the actual Jam, so that’s exciting!  I wonder who else is in the band? Only Michael Brzezicki from Big Country,oh and The Cult,Ultravox and Procol Harum. Just him. Dunno who the other dude is but he’s probably alright too eh?
It’s the same month as Christmas now so we’ve all stopped being grumpy about it (Dearest Retail, Please stop trying to ruin Halloween and Guy Fawkes night, With love Marketing). Seeing as we can’t invite you all round for Christmas and Kits oven isn’t big enough for you all, here’s a insight into what our Christmas will be like:
We think Hallmark might want to produce Christmas cards
Find us also in the TBFM advent calendar!
Thanks for another year! We hope you have a smashing Christmas and New year! We all love you dearly – except Dave, his shriveled heart knows nothing but malice – see you soon!

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