February 2014 Newsletter

¡hola! Holla! Greetings, Salutations, Hello, Hi and Howdy!
How is everything? It’s been while since we’ve had time like this, too long, work’s been keeping me busy and you’re always so busy with your memoirs, lets never get like this again Ok?

New Music Video

It’s 2014 Yo! I only just stopped writing 1997 on my homework. What have you been doing with your year? We’ve starting making a brand spangly new music video to an as yet un-released track called ‘In The Beginning’ I can’t really tell you too much about it yet except that we’ve found the most amazing shoot location, I couldn’t believe it when I was there, its vibey, so vibey.
I’m not allowed to tell you what its about, but draw some conclusions from the props we’ve bought so far:

We’re excited to say we’ve teamed up with In-Tune PR Company to handle all our press and stuff, so maybe you’ll see us in print more this year, who can tell but time?
If you want to check them out you can find them here: www.intune-pr.co.uk

Gig News

We’re keeping sort of quiet on the gig front at the moment as we’ve got so much behind the scenes stuff going on, but we’re throwing a big hootenanny at our hometown venue The Marrs Bar, on the 7th March, with two of our favourite bands: the musical legends and comic genii ‘Ass Pasty’ – we love them, you’ll have seen them if you came to the Limerence launch party, or you can check them out here:
also joining us will be the Brilliant ‘Go Primitive’ who we toured with late last year, great performers, great songs (great merch!) check them out here:
We’ll be there too, and by then we’ll have a new song or two up our sleeves to show you, plus we miss you, so come.
Tickets from our facebook, website, or any of us.
Stop hiding in the bushes.

So if you’ve been skimming:
Marrs Bar – Worcester – 7th March
Ronin, Ass Pasty, Go Primative
Be there yo!


Us and the terrific Duveaux (Duveaux and we?) are planning a south coast tour in the next few months, we played together towards the end of the last year and they’re really great, but don’t take my word for it:

Survivor Cover

Remember that Beyoncé woman out of Destinies Child? (I wonder what happened to her) anyway, at what I can only assume was the height of her career (I live in a cave – I survive by sucking moss) she and her band had that hit ‘Survivor’: We’ve been playing it for a bit and we’ve made preparations to do another live session at VIP Studios and whack it up on the tubes for your visual and aural pleasure.
Anyway, Let us know what you’re up to, maybe what you like doing when you’re listening to some of our stuff – baking apparently is popular – hit us up on our FB, we love to hear from you.

And peace to mankind!

*all Yo’s and Holla’s in this email have been purely for comic value – though have you ever said either out loud? Try it, its super fun. Don’t feel silly or embarrassed, live a little, go on, you deserve it.

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