March 2014 Newsletter

Hello all! How was your February? Good Valentines/ anti-Valentines celebrations?

Last Month

While most of the band settled down to their respective romantics, Kit of course was so inundated with cards (ahem) that he thought the only fair thing to do (not wanting to let anyone down) was to go shopping, in Spain, and hide for a week until the heat died down.
Found this shop that only sells white clothes, destiny?

‘Haven’t seen you around much this month, you been skiving?’ I hear your internal monologue cry, choking over your half masticated hob-nob in surprise at my predictive mind reading capabilities.
No, no we haven’t, we’ve taken some time to get in the studio and record you a new live cover – a sneak peak of which you can see on our Instagram below.

The edit’s not quite finished yet but should be with you in the coming weeks.
Here’s a pic from the shoot – doesn’t Loz look dashing in his headpiece?

‘Well that doesn’t take up a whole month does it?’
No, but we’ve built this

And this…

We have assembled the finest actors, directing team and hands – artisans all, we’ve completed the concept, and secured the location for our next music video shoot, which I can say without reservation is going to be awesome. We don’t have a release date for it yet, but it will be themed by a song we often open our live set with ‘In The Beginning’. if you go and subscribe to us on Youtube : You’ll have access to it and our cover or Survivor before anyone else!

Next Month

3rd Anniversary Ronin Hootenany 
Our first gig this month, and our first home town gig since ‘Limerence’ was released is to commemorate our three year anniversary, hard to believe its only been that long since Young Dave trundled into our ranks and Ronin as we know it was formed. To celebrate we’re throwing a hootenanny with two of our favorite bands that we played with last year: the hilarious and clever Ass Pasty and the catchy and engaging Go Primitive. It is to be an excellent night. Tickets are £4 on the door or you can save yourself a quid and make us happy – we are such lonely creatures – by dropping us a message on our Facebook page or messaging any of us for advance tickets. You won’t regret it!

South Coast Tour
We’re heading out on a week long tour with friends Duveaux – who are really worth a check-out, great catchy songs and a very engaging front man, We’ll be in the van for 6 days on the trot, the longest without a day off yet, so the smell of sausages and sweat in the van will truly be an olfactory delight by the time we get home.
If you want to catch us on the way – we will shower – these are the confirmed dates, more tbc.

13th – Plymouth  – James St Vaults (Uni Campus) with Duveaux & others
14th March – Dorchester – Tom Browns with Duveaux & others
15th – TBC with Duveaux & others
17th March – Brighton – Latest Music Bar with Duveaux & Morning Smoke
18th March – Bath – The Nest with Towns & Duveaux

The Big Smoke
On the 27th we’re heading back to London to play The Goodship in Kilburn with Adam Cleaver, Waterblack and Aydio System.
Doors are at 7.30 – tickets £5 on door, but if you drop us a message on our Facebook page we can put your name on the door so you can get in for £4, a whopping discount equivalent to a Pick necklace, some stickers, a wristband or a surreptitious snog behind the van, you pay your money, you takes your choice!

It is with regret that we mourn the loss of another fine music venue, one of our favorites – the Re-con in Malvern closed last month, but fear not Malvernites and Co, for we shall never forsake you, we’re coming back around your way on the 29th March for ‘The Festival of the Wyche’ at The Wyche Inn featuring such titans and friends as:
Time of the Mouth,
Black Russian,
Massive Head Trauma
Black Hill
And Jon the DJ
Music starts at 6 and it promises to be a party to remember.

Dates for your Diary this month
7th- Worcester – Marrs Bar with Ass Pasty & Go Primitive
13th- Plymouth  – James St Vaults (Uni Campus) with Duveaux & others
14th- Dorchester – Tom Browns with Duveaux & others
15th- TBC with Duveaux & others
17th- Brighton – Latest Music Bar with Duveaux & others
18th- Bath – The Nest with Towns & Duveaux
27th- London – The Goodship with Adam Cleaver, Waterblack and Aydio System.
29th-  Malvern – The Wyche in – The Festival of the Wyche

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