Ronin Limerence Review in Ryan’s Gig Guide by Nick J. Townsend

Our latest EP Limerence has been reviewed in Ryan’s Gig Guide by the brilliant Nick J. Townsend

Ronin Ryan's Gig Guide Nickit reads, “Massive sound, very massive, this CD almost blows a kiss with it’s musical bottom. Right here we go, what you have here is an English RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS but it’s not as straight forward as that, I don’t mean that RONIN just play funk, what I mean is that the high production and hit singles RHCP are known for belting out could easily be on the same page here. What RONIN offer is a more rock version with a little MUSE, FAITH NO MORE and HIM in the mix. It’s a very commercial sounding band and i think it’s going to strike a chord with the ladies as the singer I imagine has one of those voices which will probably make a Vagina squirt. ‘Always in my heart is very radio friendly and opener ‘Trespasser’ is a rock anthem waiting to happen. Top work” – Nick J. Townsend

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