Behind the Scenes – ‘In The Beginning’


Writing the Song
If you’ve been tuned in with us for a while, you’ll remember that ‘In the Beginning’ initially started out as a heavy intro riff to our live show. After writing a few other songs we had stopped using the riff for our intro and forgot about it for a while.
One afternoon at a rehearsal it came back around and worked its way into a complete song, so we booked a recording session with Tom Gittins at Monochrome Productions and set it down on record


Writing the Lyrics – Kit Kinrade
Conceptually, I was inspired by a documentary which was discussing and explaining – with as little bias as possible – what Jesus Christ went through in the days leading up to his crucifixion, his wounds and any medical conditions that could corroborate the story as it is written, for example; according to the bible Jesus sweat blood the night before his crucifixion, this was explained as stress induced hematidrosis. The thing that struck me was how much a human being endured, to preserve an idea.

Religion is a difficult and touchy subject, so the song was pretty frightening to write, wanting to treat the issue with respect – I felt an enormous sense of pressure as I knew that it would be very easy to offend people on one side and alienate people on the other.

I am personally not religious, but I try to be open minded towards everything. Ideas are powerful, ideals more so, and a character who spent their whole life teaching good ideas, and who then suffered and died to preserve those ideas is fascinating – whether or not they are the son of God – and worth discussing. While writing the lyrics I decided to ‘hide’ interpretations of the ‘7 words of Christ’ – the seven sayings attributed to Christ while on the cross, even though the song is a first person interpretation, I wanted it to be based in as much verifiable content as possible.


The Video Concept
With the video, we wanted to tell the story of a martyr; somebody who perhaps hadn’t lived life in a way society saw as acceptable, but the intricacies of the characters history aren’t really important, what’s important is the characters relationship with a truth. Our character has lived by a truth, was persecuted for it, and now will die for it. He shares the truth with his last words, and its inception changes the world around him, it spreads like a wave, sharing peace, clarity and context. It’s easy to draw parallels between the story, and the story of Christ, and in a way the video was a way to escape the dangers of dealing with religion, and equally to propose an idea to people who would reject an idea based on a religious premise because of their personal relationship with it.

Taking God out of the equation allowed us to propose a regular person believing in something so strongly that they live and die by it, having others touched and improved by it; there’s a lot of power in that narrative, to believe that you can affect change in the world by living for your ideas.

We think a lot of people feel powerless in the world, too often people feel like they ‘can’t’ or ‘have no choice’, when ‘can’t’ is most often a ‘won’t’ concealed with politeness or cowardice. There is always a choice, to live by your beliefs is all we can hope to do, and there is tremendous power there.

Bringing our martyr to modern day is what led to the prison setting and the cinematic feel, we wanted to create some drama but avoid violence, so the electric chair seemed like the perfect solution. Kit drew up a schematic for the chair and Loz and Kit built it and the control panel, from a lot of timber and electrical spares from a local scrap yard, Brian from FixMyAmp wired up all the lights and built us a remote control so they could be triggered out of shot, they’re currently making my neighbors look at Kit (more) shiftily whenever he opens his garage, so they’ll be going up on ebay soon – if you want to own some cool ex-Ronin props drop us a message!


About Director Terry Walls

 – Kit Kinrade
When I first moved to Worcester I was lucky enough to find myself renting a room off Terry Walls, anyone who’s ever spent any time around Terry knows he really knows his stuff, he is a fantastic musician, producer, director and general know-it-all, we have a great relationship and because of our time living together he has a great intuition about what I’m trying to convey, we worked with him on our video for Trespasser, and both times he’s done an amazing job at interpreting, directing, editing and polishing the scribbles and odd “I think it should feel like”’s I spout at him.


Choosing the Location
After thrashing out some ideas for the Music Video and coming up with the concept we went about searching online for suitable locations. After contacting a couple of places down in Bristol we arranged to go and view one of the buildings which made up part of the old city service department. The first building which was originally part of the police station had a few holding cells and large room above, the venue was pretty cool but had been modernized and revamped so it had lost quite a lot of the dirty, grimy environment that we were looking for, fortunately a member of staff at this location had a contact for the Old Crown Court department of the same complex so we arranged to go and view this side of the building. This part of the building had seen little restoration and was for the most part underground, dingy and perfect. The old Crown Court had 3 court rooms and upwards of 10 holding cells, it was being used for Airsoft battles and was covered in an inch of dust and pellets, so on the morning of the shoot we became the broom brigade and spent a few hours choking on the dust.

Behind the Scenes In the beginning








The Cast:

Nathan Lowe: For our martyr, we wanted someone physically imposing, but with the acting chops to betray that physique and play a docile, peaceful character, when we saw Nathan at the premiere of ‘Silent War’ we couldn’t help notice that he was one part ripped, and one part stacked, and when we saw his acting prowess in the movie it was obvious that he was the man for the job. He accepted the role, and bravely accepted to have his hair shaved off on camera. Nathan is a great actor, and a professional.

Mark Antony Games: Mark, AKA ‘Human Voice’ is a creative force, a terrific director in his own right: we met him when he approached us for some music for his short film ‘Silent War’, we then appeared in his next production ‘Demons’, after watching his acting show reel we realized what a multi-talented individual he is, we asked if he wanted to play a psycho, the rest is on tape. After months of stressful pre-production, and not seeing any of the narrative shoot (we were upstairs shooting the live section), watching back the footage the evening of the shoot, seeing his transformation scene – that was when I knew everything was going to be okay.

Harry Baldwin: We’ve known H for some time, Loz used to play in a function band with him, and Kit used to do sound for that function band, He’s a terrific pianist and musician. Terry suggested we ask him to play the prison warden, and H did an awesome job, we were amazed at how well he brought his character to life.

Adrian Williams: Worcester rapper ‘Big Q’, again Terry’s casting choice, did an awesome job, he had the look we were after, the attitude, and was just generally great to work with. Check out his music too.

Damian Matthews: Damian has a seriously incredible voice, his range is ballistic, he’s very talented. Oh, and he looks mean so he got the job.

Matt Ludlow: We don’t know much about Matt, but he was a super nice guy, and did great on the day.

Steve Lousvet: Steve is our plucky cockney roadie, he’s a complete hero, he drives us around, helps with gear, and he goes full psycho in the music video.

Chris Sanders:  Chris Sanders is that fine individual you can see sweeping in the intro, he’s a legend, he and Chris bullock (who also helped on the day) have been with us since the beginning, helping shoot, run, carry and generally being a great support, these guys rule!

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