Ronin Wychwood Festival 2015 Review from Behind the Scenes Gloucester



Thank-you to behind the scenes Gloucester for this mention from Wychwood Festival…

With a frontman who looks like a cross between Justin from The Darkness and Razorlight’s Johnny Borrell circa-2005, RONINdo not let the small matter of a depleted audience in the Hobgoblin Tent put them off from producing some outlandish classic rock. The singer starts off the set from outside the tent and a Fleetwood Mac’s cover is a wise and well performed choice. At a festival where 100’s of bands are competing for attention you’ve really got to put yourself forward and stand out from the crowd – RONIN certainly do that on a Sunday evening when most people are watching Dr & The Medics on the Main Stage.

For full Wychwood Review CLICK HERE

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