“Ronin, Frankly, Smashed it” Moshville Review Ronin

Check out this review from Moshville of us at Wildfire Festival:

[Mosh] Worcester’s Ronin were third on the bill and are another young band, their combined age probably barely reaching my own. Gits. A lack of years does not mean a lack of talent – something very apparent from many of the bands we saw over the three days – and Ronin, frankly, smashed it. Somehow managing to give an even more energetic performance than Kaine before them, they take their live show from the Airbourne Bag O’ Tricks with singer/guitarist Kit beginning the set at the back of the crowd before belting forwards to join his mates on stage. From speaking to them afterwards (interview up shortly), this short set was comparatively tame. Ronin are without a doubt a band to keep en eye out for, and one I’ll definitely be up to seeing should they pass this way again.

[Sean] Ronin (8/10) – Energetic performances is certainly a theme among the bands playing Wildfire over the weekend, especially with the next band – Ronin. Beginning their set with the frontman rocking out in the middle of the crowd (he would make a return later on), Ronin brought crowd engagement to the next level. Throughout Ronin’s set I was finding it increasingly difficult to pigeonhole their sound – it’s all clearly rooted in rock but there’s heavier moments, lighter moments and more in their unique sound. Including a cover of “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child, further clouded the clarification of Ronin’s sound with it’s heavy take on the R ‘n’ B chart-topper. Still, kudos to the guys – they made Beyoncé rock ‘n’ roll and smashed their performance. Definitely a band to look out for in the future.

Read the Full Review HERE

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