Ronin are FORT ROYAL

We are changing our name from Ronin to Fort Royal.


Big news huh? I know that there is comfort in the familiar, and we have loved being Ronin. But there are reasons why and I think if you just give me a minute to explain, you’ll see this is best for us all.

A year ago, we decided we couldn’t create what we wanted to create and keep up gigging. We’d been on the road solidly for 5 years, seen some amazing things, been some amazing places, met a whole bunch of you amazing people, and to stop doing that was honestly one of the hardest, most heart breaking decisions I’ve personally had to make. But there were problems, we felt like that moment in a cartoon, where the legs are spinning but the character doesn’t move. It would have been easy (and fun) to keep doing what we were doing but we felt that we didn’t have the time to gig, stay rehearsed, and experiment writing new music that would push us technically and give us a chance to express the new, bigger stories with a new, bigger sound. Don’t panic, we’re still undeniably us, I guarantee that if you liked us before and you’re a little open minded, you’ll like us now. This is most definitely development and not a u-turn somewhere else. Be calm, its you and us, baby.

So then, why a whole new name? Well honestly, there are a lot of Ronin’s! We knew starting out that there was a band based out of Singapore called Ronin, but we had a gig in a week and needed a name, pronto! We stupidly didn’t think it would be an issue and we thought at least we’ll be the first and last UK Ronin – wrong! There’s been a few, newer bands pop up with our name since we started, and we realised we couldn’t go on when a DJ’s tune was listed as our most recent release on Apple Music, thats whack. We need our own name so we can build our own thing, undiluted by someone else’s creations, its our ball and we’re taking it over here.

So why Fort Royal? A bunch of reasons! I lived in a house at the top of Fort Royal, which is a site of historical significance in Worcester, where the last battle of the english civil war was conducted, where the parlimetarians defeated the royalists, visited later by Thomas Jefferson & John Adams – who wrote of the scene & the disinterest of its locals “And do Englishmen so soon forget the ground where liberty was fought for? Tell your neighbors and your children that this is holy ground; much holier than that on which your churches stand. All England should come in pilgrimage to this hill once a year.” Inside the concept, Fort Royal is a wooden toy box shaped like a fort, and with a puzzle locking mechanism, kept at the foot of the bed of Vidal ‘Casanova’ Curse throughout his life, a place where he keeps creations & secrets. It seemed fitting to us and most importantly, there are no other bands called Fort Royal. Bagsey.

Why were you gone so long? I know, it blows and I’m sorry. It took us as long as it took, we didn’t know what we were going to look like coming out the other side so it isn’t as though we took a linear path to here. We took some dead ends, we scaled our plans up & down, and also I had some pretty serious health issues that stopped me being as productive and useful as I would have liked to be for a while. No worries, its all sorted now, we’re here, lets do it.

We couldn’t be more proud of this new music we’re about to release. It’s uncompromisingly the best music we have ever released. Its catchy, its progressive, its heavy and tricky and everything we like about music. Its conceptual so theres an overarching storyline that you can choose to learn more about or you can dig it at sonic value – talking of, it’s been recorded at the bleeding edge of our ability at Monochrome studios, so it sounds fully sick. The multi-talented Carl has done a lot of art to bring the characters to life, some of which you may have seen in our recent teaser trailers. All told, we’re proud of what we’ve achieved in this year, even though we’ve been away from you longer than we’d like. We can’t wait to be back in your faces and hear what you think of the new material.

We’re looking forward to the future, see you on the road!



Long Live Fort Royal

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